How To Get 300% Monthly Comebacks On Bitcoin: Bitcoin Trading, Its Blockchain

How To Get 300% Monthly Comes back On Bitcoin? : Bitcoin Trading

How to get 300% Monthly comebacks on bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is the best space to get into if you are looking to get some quick investment comebacks. Many companies has took advantage of it by began suggesting investment services, mainly in bitcoin mining segment. Bitcoin is a historical success of this mankind, it has provided unbelievable comebacks to investors. Nowadays, More and more people wants to get into bitcoin investment and they want to dual/triple their Bitcoin investment in shortest time possible, So there are options available that comes in form of bitcoin mining pool contracts, They usually suggest 10-12% monthly come back on Bitcoin investment. It sounds good and Many people have invested into such schemes in past few years, 90% of them went dishonest and investors lost their money too. Bitcoin brought trust in our mitt, we are providing the trust to other people who promises to manage our asset and give us comebacks, Don’t leave behind the fact that Trust can be violated here by these companies. Once BTC used to have around 95% market dominance, now its decreased to 66% that clearly shows bitcoin is not now that fruitful in term of comebacks, which it was earlier. Bitcoin mining also going through community splat, Difficulty level has been enlargened that clearly shows getting comes back through mining contracts is not a viable option these days. Here comes altcoin market emerges as a king in cryptocurrency investment, Its more volatile than bitcoin, has more promise for quick comes back , all you need trading abilities which can be learned.

In this article, I am going to showcase how you can get around 300% monthly comeback on your bitcoins. All you need is an account with any popular cryptocurrency exchange, I recommend poloniex. You just need to go after these steps:

  1. Buy bitcoins from any Bitcoin exchange, For indian customers buy it from Zebpay, For others buy it from Bitstamp.
  2. Create an account with poloniex.
  3. We will be going to trade in Ripple, You can also trade in monero, litecoin, dash and ethereum.
  4. Ripple and other said coins, Goes +-10% each and every days.
  5. Similar to Share trading, poloniex provides an option for stop buy and sell.
  6. You need to analyze the Ripple chart history, Last week, Last month and Determine the buying/Selling price according to that. The current best buying price is 0.00002200 BTC. The current best selling price is 0.00003200 BTC.
  7. Now you need to use stop buy option, Set stop to 0.00002300 BTC and Limit to 0.00002200 BTC, An order will be automatically placed for buying ripple when it touches 0.00002200 ( Note buying price can be different according to chart)
  8. Once you setup Stop Buy option, setup stop sell option: Stop: 0.000033000 BTC and Limit: 0.00003200 BTC, An order will be automatically placed for selling ripple when it touches 0.00003200 BTC
  9. By doing this practice you can lightly get 10% daily come back on your bitcoin investment, Don’t rely on ripple solely, You can also buy other coins like ETH,Monero,Dash,Decred etc.
  10. The Fundamental is elementary, Buy when the price is low, Sell when it is high, Do daily trading on 10% come back
  11. Always read about coin very first, Its services, Technical capability, Supply, media release before making a decision. Don’t go after any XYZ Coin, Check credibility and past spectacle before investing.

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