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How To Embark Bitcoin Mining

If you were given the chance to playmate with Google when they very first launched, where would you have been today? The same screenplay is now playing out with Bitcoin. As with Google, if you miss the chance with Bitcoin, you are going to be very disappointed with your ‘past self’!

Let us look at the reality.

During the last five years from two thousand ten to two thousand fifteen the Rand has lost another 50% against the Dollar. The South African Rand lost 89% of its purchasing power inbetween one thousand nine hundred eighty and 2010. Since two thousand ten to August 2015, only five years, The South African Rand lost 50% more of its purchasing power. The forecast is that inbetween two thousand fifteen to two thousand sixteen it will liberate another 19% and two thousand fifteen to two thousand seventeen another 48% of its purchasing power.

If we gave you R1000 today and told you to go to your favourite supermarket, how many items would you be leaving with? Two bags? If we gave you the same R1000, five years ago, how many items would you have left with then? A entire trolley fountain?

But, if we gave you that same R1000, ten years ago. how many items would you have left with then? Most likely a boot utter! Plus you would have had to ask your kids to sit on each other’s laps to make space for more groceries on the backseat!

So, now that we have your attention.

What do I need and how do I begin?

Bitcoin mining requires a lot of processing power. You need special hardware, lots of electro-stimulation and time. For this reason, we club together. Everyone joining, pays for their own hardware. The hardware is installed and maintained by a team of professionals in our data centre. Once you purchase your mining contract, your hardware is then ordered and installed in our mine. This process takes from eight – twelve working days, before you can actively embark mining, even however your account is live upon purchasing the contract. The larger the contract you purchase, the more power you have to your availability and the more bitcoins you are able to mine.

This takes away the difficulty of setting up your own expensive hardware at home, then having to battle with setting up software, worrying about security, and unnecessary to say, saving you from a very hefty electro-stimulation bill at the end of each month. In most cases, wielding a single server setup at home, will cost you so much in electro-therapy, that it won’t be worth the come back on investment.

When it comes to Bitcoin Mining, we know our business. We’ve come up with two solutions. Our Retail Mining solution permits you to mine from our platform as soon as your equipment is installed. We have a selection of Bitcoin Mining contracts available to choose from. With our Networking option, you can buy larger Bitcoin mining contracts and get more ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak. Not only that, but you can also share in the revenue by introducing friends, family and colleagues to Bitcoin Mining. Everyone wins.

We explain each option in greater detail below.

1. Retail Mining Option

Retail mining gives the general public the chance to mine bitcoins from the most favourable bitcoin cloud mining operation platform.

Since the begin of our mining, we have taken our freshly generated bitcoins and compounded it back into brand fresh hardware in our Bitcoin mine.

Now that we have accumulated critical mass from our compounding side, this permits you to purchase a Bitcoin mining contract from as little as $25 up to $500. This enables you to buy GHs with which you will kickstart your mining.

Once you have paid for your bitcoin mining contract, your account will go live instantaneously and within eight – twelve working days you will actively embark mining. During this time the equipment is ordered, delivered and installed in our mine. This then gets delivered and installed in our Bitcoin mine. We install the latest and best equipment like S7’s and now S9’s.

Our equipment is paid for in Bitcoin. This is also the reason why when you purchase your mining contract, you will need to purcahse Bitcoins in order to pay for it.

You get a daily come back from your Bitcoin mining which is amazingly favourable. It is then up to you to determine how much you want to compound daily by purchasing more GHs.

We are in fact helping you to create wealth and cash flow.

Further down we will explain where you store your bitcoins and how your cash flow will be available at your disposition.

As a Retail Miner you will receive your own private link, which means that you can share this chance with your friends and family.

Once you have experienced our product, become comfy with mining your bitcoins and familiarized yourself with moving bitcoin around, then you can determine to upgrade to the Revenue Sharing Networking Option whereby you will be purchasing your GHs at wholesale price. You will also commence earning daily comes back of 3% from the mining of your retail miners.

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