The fourteen Weirdest Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

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Jun 21, two thousand fourteen at 13:29 UTC by Tom Sharkey

Bitcoin’s value as a payment protocol is hard to deny.

The digital currency offers merchants a number of benefits over traditional fiat and credit card transactions, and for consumers, making payments with bitcoin is secure and convenient.

Even with those benefits, however, there was a time when it was almost unlikely to use your bitcoins to buy anything practical. One of the very very first real-world purchases made with bitcoin was in 2010, when a computer programmer paid Ten,000 BTC (around $6m USD at today’s market price) for two pizzas from Papa John’s.

Fortunately for everybody, companies like BitPay and Coinbase have made it a breeze for businesses petite and large to integrate bitcoin as a payment option for their goods and services.

As a result, there are considerably more options today when it comes to spending your beloved bitcoins. While everyone has their own taste, some of the things that can be bought with the digital currency are just downright bizarre.

Here are the fourteen weirdest things you can buy with bitcoin:

1. A motorized unicycle

For those like myself, who never had fairly enough balance to maneuver a unicycle, this self-balancing motorized model would surely be useful.

Two. Adult Canadian Mammoth tusks

Purchasing these ivory tusks from the extinct woolly mammoth species with bitcoin would be a superb way to bring things total circle inbetween the past and the future, but only if you’ve got about two hundred ninety BTC to spare at today’s market price.

Trio. A Venus flytrap plant

Who hasn’t always wished a carnivorous plant growing in their garden? At under $Ten, these venus flytraps are a catch!

Four. Sriracha-bacon flavored lollipops

Most everybody loves sriracha and bacon, but combining the two flavors? And putting them in a lollipop? These suckers sound pretty irresistible.

Five. An interactive ferrofluid sculpture

Even after watching the informational movie, I’m still not certain I fully understand what’s going on with this ferrofluid sculpture. Regardless, I’m intrigued, and the iron-enhanced device seems joy to play with!

6. Crimson Trinidad scorpion jelly

Some people search near and far for their fix of the best chilli peppers on the Scoville scale. I’m not sure where this Trinidad Scorpion Jelly ranks according to this system, but by the sound of it I would guess pretty high.

7. The very very first Apple Macintosh model – 128k

Now that Apple is eventually coming around to the idea of digital currencies, perhaps one nostalgic bitcoiner will spring for the very very first model Macintosh that Apple released back in 1984.

8. Celtic cross tarot reading cards

We’ve all attempted our arm at predicting the price trends for bitcoin and other digital currencies. Maybe these tarot cards can suggest sage insight that us mortals are simply overlooking?

9. A Robo 3-D printer

While a 3-D printer may not be “weird” per se, this Robo3D printer could surely print out some strange objects. I’ll leave that up to the buyer’s imagination.

Ten. A doge sweatshirt

Wow. This doge sweatshirt indeed makes a statement. Many prints, all over.

11. A handmade bitcoin plush cushion

Some may want to showcase their love of digital currencies without sporting a doge sweatshirt, and for those people there is a handmade bitcoin plush cushion just waiting to be snuggled up with.

12. Spokester bicycle noisemakers

Of course, we all reminisce the old card-and-clothespin trick to make our bicycles sound intimidatingly noisy as kids. Now, someone has actually tapped into the market and made a product that eliminates the need for all of that work!

13. A profitable Yukon gold mine

There’s still a ton of speculation over which is the better investment: gold or bitcoin. This already-profitable gold mine in Canada would be the flawless investment for a super-rich bitcoiner hoping to diversify his or her portfolio.

14. Alpaca socks

Alpacas and bitcoin have a long history together. Yes, you read that right. The llama-like animal has been dubbed the unofficial mascot of bitcoin, and these alpaca socks have become one of the quintessential items that can be bought with the digital currency.

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